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Acupuncture is a time-tested therapy in China and has been practised for over thousands of years. This treatment is based on the theory that an energy or life force flows through meridians. This life force is known as ‘Qi’. In TCM, it is believed that when ‘Qi’ cannot freely flow through the body, it can cause diseases and imbalances. Acupuncture works by stimulating the points which lie on the channels called as meridians with the insertion of thin and fine needles. Our consultants examine your condition thoroughly and provide you with the most appropriate treatment.

Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) involves the use of natural plants and minerals each having its own characteristics and medical use to treat any diseases. This therapy is used to rectify the under-activity or over-activity of Yin and Yang and restore the body to its normal physiological functions. Our consultants are qualified TCM practitioners and will provide you with the suitable Chinese herbal therapy to help restore your health to normal condition. If you live in London and are looking for natural treatments, contact us today.

Tui na massage

Tui na means push and grasp and is a Chinese therapeutic massage related to acupuncture in its use of the meridian system. This method is one of the fundamental arts of the TCM and can effectively treat a similar range of health issues alongside diet, herbal remedies and qigong. Tui na massage can help heal a wide range of health conditions including musculoskeletal conditions. Some Chinese sources list that over 140 health conditions can be treated by tui na massage.


Cupping is a technique that uses small glasses or bamboo jars as suction devices that are placed on the skin. The cupping method can either be combined with acupuncture as one treatment or can be used alone. The suction and negative pressure helps in loosening muscles, encourages blood flow and sedates the nerve system. Cupping is used to treat high blood pressure, and relieve back and neck pain and stiff muscles. This method is also suitable in clearing congestion from common cold and controlling asthma.

Our Fees

Consultation: Free

Acupuncture: £35 for 45 minutes

Massage from £10

Cupping: Free

Dried Herbs £7 per bag