What can we help you with?

During your initial consultation, our experts at The Dr & health listen to your health condition and examine you completely to provide the suitable treatment for you. Our treatments can help you with:

Pain management


Faster recovery from surgery, accidents and injuries Reduce the need for prescription pain medications

We can treat:

● Sciatica

● Arthritic pain

● Fibromyalgia

● Nerve pain

● Knee and foot pain

● Neck, back, arm and shoulder pain

● Migraine headache and tension headache

General health


● Boosts energy and immune system as well as restores your balance

● Improves metabolism and detox

● Helps drain way anxiousness and stress

We can treat conditions like:

● Drug addiction

● Panic attacks

● Sleep problems

● Weight loss support

● Depression

● Auto-immune disease

● Kidney and bladder infection

● Facial nerve paralysis

● IBS and indigestion

● Urinary tract infection (UTI)

● Chronic fatigue

● Anxiety

● Post-traumatic stress disorder

Women’s and Men’s health


● Balances hormone levels

● Brings irregular periods to normalcy

● Improves sperm quality

● Relieves chronic prostatitis

We can treat:

● Miscarriage

● BV

● Cramps

● Hot flushes

● Infertility

● Menopause

● Endometriosis

● Fibroids

● Dysmenorrhea



● Releases toxins due to addiction

● Makes you calm down and feel more positive

We can treat:

● Drugs

● Alcohol

● Tobacco

● Weight



● Balance elevated follicle stimulating and regulating hormones (FSH)

● Improve testicle or ovary health resulting in better sperm or egg quality

● Increase blood supply to the uterus and building up the uterine lining

● Maximise chances of conception and increase IVF success rate

● Release stress due to infertility and its related treatments

● Help implantation and reduce risk of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy

We can treat conditions like:

● Endometriosis and fibroids

● Luteal

● Male factor infertility

● Polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS)

● Hormonal and ovulating problems

● Immunologic reaction and recurrent miscarriage

● Pelvic inflammation disease and fallopian tube obstruction

● Unexplained infertility

● High FSH, or premature ovarian failure(POF), or peri-menopause

Skin disorder:


● Strengthen immune system thereby decreasing sensitivity to environmental hazards or external factors

● Balance the internal organ system and treat the internal imbalances that are creating skin issues

● Release toxins from skin thereby eliminating the itchy and red rashes

● Build the Yin and blood to help nourish and repair the damaged skin

We can treat conditions like:

● Acne

● Herpes

● Dermatitis

● Urticaria

● Psoriasis

● Eczema