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About Dr & health

Dr & Health was founded by Dr. C Liu in the year 2001. We have offered over 10,000 treatments and helped a lot of people with all types of emotional issues, pains, chronic ailments and more throughout the UK. We are a family run business with over 20 years of experience in this field. Our clinic is a board-certified acupuncture and Chinese medicine practice in London. We offer natural healthcare solutions and help people who are suffering with a range of health conditions. We strive hard to keep you healthy and happy throughout your life.

Our mission and vision

TCM focuses on health and well-being through sustained harmony within our lives. Harmony in our body helps us lead a healthy and happy life. Our vision is to correct the disharmony in your body and to treat and prevent health problems. Our methods include: Acupuncture, Cupping, Ear candling, Tui na massage and acupressure, Traditional Chinese herbs

Newspaper Report

Dr. Cui Liu and her alternative medicine shop was featured on local Newspaper.

"Everything we prescribe here or the treatments carried out are entirely natural, there is nothing artificial."

"And as such there are none of the side effects you may experience with chemicals."

  • What Client say

    I have had a back problem for many years which flares up now and again, invariably ending up with very painful sciatica which has been treated in the past with pain killers and physiotherapy. Because of another medical problem, I am unable to take anti-inflammatory. In March 2015 I had had sciatica for five months when a friend of my niece suggested I try acupuncture because he had had great relief from sciatica with it. So, I thought I had nothing to lose and made an appointment with Dr Liu at Dr & health. After several sessions treatments in three or four weeks, consisting of Acupuncture, Cups and deep massage, my sciatica had disappeared. I have recommended Acupuncture to two other friends and both have achieved good results. If ever my sciatica returns in the future, I will be definitely going for more Acupuncture treatment because of really good results I have had with it.

    Mark Henry
  • What Client say

    I had been trying for a second child for the past 4 years. The hospital did all the tests and I was diagnosed as health with unexplained infertility. I am 39, so I knew time was becoming an issue. The hospital gave me Clomid to help release more eggs. For the last 2 months I have been visiting Dr & health to boost the quality of the eggs using Acupuncture and herbal tea. I also found the treatment helped me deal with stress and I could sleep better. I am now pregnant and sure the Chinese medicines has helped this happen. I would recommend this to anyone trying to conceive.

    Linda Carl
  • What Client say

    I have suffered from Psoriasis all over my legs and feet for more than 20 years. Without the benefit that the Chinese medicine has bought, I very much doubt that I could lead the virtually normal lifestyle that I currently do.

    Michael Paul